ATLANTA, GEORGIA - SEPTEMBER 12: Kenneth Gainwell #14 and Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrate after a touchdown during the fourth quarter at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on September 12, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

By Dylan MacKinnon

One week in the past, and things could not have gone much better. Eagles smoked the Falcons 32-6, and there was very little. if anything to complain about. But lets look at a few individuals who stood out, either for good, or otherwise. Here is the post-Week 1 Eagles Stock Report. Which player should you invest in while their value is down,  whose stock is inflated after one week and worth selling off, and whose stock should you be holding? With The Eagles blowing out the Falcons, expect there to be a lot more stock risers than fallers.

Stock Up- Jalen Hurts

The Hurts stock is at an all time high. he played a near perfect game, with a underthrow of Zach Ertz being the lone example of a bad play. Some will say that he wasn’t pushing the ball down field, and that may be fair. His air yard, meaning the distance he threw the ball, was lower than any other QB in week 1. But deep throws are not the only way to test a QB’s arm strength. it is also important for a QB to be able to zip the ball into tight windows on even short throws. He finished 5th in completion rate over expectation. So while it is fair to say he did not throw it deep, it is not exactly accurate to say he made no difficult throws. He will likely need to be able to hit those deep throws vs better defenses who take away the short stuff, but for now, we saw everything we would want to see from him. if you own Hurts stock, hold, the value could still go up. If you were not an owner, you may want to buy before the stock gets even pricier.

Stock Down- Boston Scott

Scott’s value dropped not because of a poor performance, but because he never got to touch the ball. Its hard to retain value if you are doing nothing but standing on the sideline. Mile Sanders and Kenneth Gainwell got all the usage at RB. Could that change? Maybe. But its not something I would bet on. There are only so many running chances to go around. Mile Sanders will obviously get his, they seem to be very high on Gainwell, and he made good use of his touches, and then Hurts will also get some rushes. So there is just not much left for Scott. If there is an injury maybe he gets back in, but for now, there is not much chance he gets any significant usage.

Stock Up- Jordan Mailata

It is far too late to buy low on Jordan Mailata. He has arrived, and is ready to be a very good LT. He got paid the day before his first full season as the Eagles starter, and he is already paying off. In week 1, he allowed only two pressures, and no sacks. He also had a monster block that led to a Jalen Reagor TD.

His stock is now already sky high, and it doesn’t seem it will be coming down anytime soon. The only question is can it be any higher? Some think he has perennial All Pro potential. At the least, he appears to be a legit starter for a good while. Not bad for a guy who 5 years ago had never played Football.

Stock Up- Issac Seumalo

Seumalo is the least heralded member of the Eagles O Line. Jason Kelce, Brandon brooks, and Lane Johnson have all been in All Pro conversations in the past, with Kelce winning 3, and Johnson getting one. And then there is Mailata who we have already talked about. That means there has been some disrespect targeted at Seumalo, with many acting like he is a weak link. But in week 1, he may have been the best player along the line. PFF gave Seumalo the 2nd highest grade among all O Linemen in week 1. Not among the Eagles, among the entire NFL. He didnt give up a single QB pressure all game. Some may say its just one week vs the bad defense, but honestly, he did pretty well last year too. He ended the season 4th in both pass and run block win rate. He has never been as bad as people thought. Buy low now, because with him lined up between Kelce and Mailata, he could be in for a breakout year.

Stock Down- Greg Ward JR. 

Much like Scott, Ward JR finds his stock falling not because of a poor performance, but simply by not being a part of the rotation. He took only 16 snaps, the same amount as JJ Arcega-Whiteside. With how much Nick Sirianni praised Whiteside’s blocking, he could see more snaps, and that could mean even less for Ward Jr.  More importantly, in those few snaps he had no catches. Seven different players caught a pass in Week 1, and he still was not among those 7. His role will be tiny this year, if it exists at all.

Stock Up- Coaching Staff

There was a lot of concern over this coaching staffs seeming lack of experience. It is a very young staff. But they did a fantastic job week 1. Nick Sirianni called a great game that had Jalen Hurts feeling comfortable and took advantage of the speed of their playmakers. Jonathan Gannon did a wonderful of adjusting after the Falcons were gashing them early, and shut the Falcons down, and held them to only two field goals. It is early, but the lack of experience does not seem to be a problem yet for this staff.

Slight Stock Up- Miles Sanders

The knock on Sanders coming into the year was he is not a good blocker, and dropped the ball too much to be effective in passing game. We all know he can run, but in the modern NFL running backs need to be able to do more than just run. Those concerns were not completely quelled in week 1, but we saw progress. He had 4 catches for 39 yards, and had one nice blitz pickup that gave Hurts enough time to hit Devonta Smith for a first down. It is a baby step to Miles Sanders being the complete RB they need him to be.

Slight Stock Down- Eric Wilson

I did not expect Eric Wilson to be much. He is what he is. A LB that is okay in coverage. And while he was mostly fine in coverage vs the Falcons, there were some bad missed tackles early. Some people hoped he would help solidify the LB position, but he seems like another middling LB. He wont be as bad as say Nate Gerry, but he also is not the answer Eagles fans are looking for.

Stock Up- Arryn Sippos

Punters! Sippos was as good as you can expect a punter to be. 3 of his Punts landed behind the 10 yard line, and the 4th went over 50 yards. The Field Position is important, and if Sippos is this good, Eagles may be winning that battle a lot this year.

Stock Up- Kenneth Gainwell

A few nice runs, including a TD for the rookie RB in his debut performance. On top of that, he got all the snaps in a 2 minute drill, showing the Eagles already have a lot of trust in Gainwell. The rookie could be in for a productive first season.

Stock Up- Devonta Smith

This is an obvious one, but Smith showed up in his first game. Like Gainwell he scored a TD. he also made a few nice blocks. Hard to expect more from a rookie WR in their first game. he already has a connection with Hurts. At one point, Smith made a veteran move, called out a blitz, and it led to a productive run by Jalen hurts. Smith is the real deal.