By Connor Thomas


Coming into the 2021 NFL Season, the Eagles appeared to have one of the tougher schedules in the league, despite finishing last in the NFC East last year. That, though, was based on offseason predictions and assumed rosters. Now, with injuries and some information available on what NFL teams will look like, the birds’ campaign looks a little different. Let’s take a look forward, and see how likely it is that the Eagles play more dominant games like they did Sunday afternoon.


Week 2: San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are already down RB Raheem Mostert, and starting CB Jason Verrett suffered a torn ACL in week 1. Despite taking home the win on the road, the Detroit Lions put up 33 points on San Fran, partially thanks to the Verrett injury. The 49ers put up 41 points of their own, so the Eagles defense will have a much tougher assignment, but this game seems more winnable than originally thought.

Week 3: Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys looked as advertised, if not better than that on Thursday night against the defending champion Buccaneers. Dak Prescott looked like his old self, and Dallas even held a late lead on the road in Tampa. They’re going to easily be the toughest opponent in the NFC East for the Eagles, and this one is in Dallas. Could be a rough Monday night.

Week 4: Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs came back and knocked off a good Browns team in Arrowhead Sunday. Mahomes is still Mahomes, Tyreek Hill is still probably the fastest man in the NFL, and Travis Kelce is a monster. Despite this game being at the Linc, there are no signs to say the Eagles should win this one.

Week 5: Carolina Panthers

The Panthers got into a bit of a dog fight with the Jets down in Carolina in week 1, which tells you something about their ability to play down to an opponent. Sam Darnold hooked up with his old pal Robby Anderson for a long TD, but he still looked like the middling QB he was in New York since coming into the league. This is absolutely a winnable game on the road for the birds.

Week 6: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Get the liquor ready for this one. The Buccaneers are an absolute wagon. This will be a rough Thursday night.

Week 7: Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders had an incredible comeback OT victory over the Baltimore Ravens last night in the first game in their new Vegas stadium. There were parts of the game where the Raiders looked absolutely lost, and then there were times where they dominated the speed heavy Ravens. The Raiders are susceptible to a home loss, but don’t look like the pushovers some thought they were.

Week 8: Detroit Lions

Detroit already has suffered some injuries, most notably losing starting CB Jeff Okudah for the season. Even fully healthy, the Lions are not much of a threat to anyone in the NFL, especially with Jared Goff now under center. Even though this is a road game, the Eagles should be able to go into Ford Field and steal one.

Week 9: Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers had a late surge to beat Washington this past week, but they looked a little rusty over the course of the afternoon. Justin Herbert threw for over 300 yards, but only had 1 TD and added an INT. LA still should be better than their performance indicated in week 1, but it’s not impossible for the Eagles to beat them in the Linc.

Week 10: Denver Broncos

The Broncos went on the road and knocked off the NY Giants Sunday, but the Giants could very well be the worst team in football this year. There’s not much to take away from this win considering the quality of opponent they took down.

Week 11: New Orleans Saints

So apparently Jameis Winston is now an MVP candidate and is making Aaron Rodgers look like maybe he should’ve just stayed on as host of Jeopardy. You have to imagine the Saints are going to level out, but with Michael Thomas eventually joining the team and their defense looking strong against the defending MVP, this will be a tough home game for Philly.

Week 12: New York Giants

LOL. The Eagles aren’t world beaters, but they certainly should be Giants beaters. Joe Judge has done an impressive job of making his team look as bad as possible this year.

Week 13: New York Jets

They’re like the Giants, but in green. Doesn’t matter that this one is on the road.

Week 14: Bye

Guaranteed non-loss for the birds. Lock it in.

Week 15: Washington Football Team

A lot is still to be figured out about the WFT with Ryan Fitzpatrick going on injured reserve. Will he be back by week 15? How will Taylor Heinicke look as he takes over the QB duties? There are more questions than answers in Washington right now, which leans the Eagles way.

Week 16: New York Giants

See week 12

Week 17: Washington Football Team

See week 15

Week 18: Dallas Cowboys

If this game matters at all, it will always be a toss-up. Hopefully the Eagles are in a position to make it matter.