By Connor Thomas


Over the weekend, reports began to surface that the future of Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson may be close to being decided, at least on the football field. While the legal situation surrounding Watson’s alleged sexual misconduct involving numerous female masseuses is still ongoing, it seems that the football future, which was also in question, has become clearer. Over the weekend, some reports surfaced that the Miami Dolphins have emerged as the frontrunners to land the talented QB, baggage and all. The news is yet to be picked up by any major reputable sources, but it seems there is certainly smoke surrounding Watson to Miami. The more concrete news that broke this weekend, though, is that per Aaron Wilson, who covers the Texans, Watson will apparently NOT wave his no trade clause for a trade to Philadelphia. Thank goodness.

This should be music to Eagles’ fans ears. The Deshaun Watson situation has become a dumpster fire, one that Howie Roseman and co. want no part of. Watson is facing serious allegations about repeated sexual misconduct, and the matter is yet to be settled. This is not a Michael Vick type situation, where a sentence was served and the legal matter was settled. It seems like the Eagles’ locker room situation is in a much better place than it was last year, so there should be a lot of hesitation when considering throwing a wrench into that budding chemistry. Watson would have been a damn big wrench. Not to mention what it would mean to the Eagles fan base. The risk would be alienating a significant percentage of Philadelphia fans by bringing in a man that has such serious allegations against him. That should have been enough of a deterrent to acquiring Watson, but there were still rumors surrounding the Eagles and him. Now, thankfully, Watson has taken the bullets out of Howie Roseman’s gun for him.

Not only should there have been concern with Watson’s off the field issues, but there would have been hurdles on the football side of the equation as well. The former pro bowl QB is incredibly talented; one of the elite talents in the NFL today, but usurping Jalen Hurts would have sent a shockwave through the organization. Reports out of training camp and preseason have been that Hurts has become a clear leader in the locker room, and the team is responding. Following a season in which Hurts somewhat divided the locker room between himself and Carson Wentz, and considering the Wentz – Foles saga that preceded it, it would be another shock to ship Hurts to Houston in favor of Watson. It seems by all accounts that Hurts has earned the right to show what he has as the Eagles’ starting QB. Stealing that chance from him could have certainly left a sour taste in some players’ mouths.

The bottom line is that the Eagles should be thankful that Deshaun Watson doesn’t want to come here. At this point, he comes with more trouble than he’s worth, and the price tag is still very high. Is Watson talented? Absolutely. Is he a better QB than Jalen Hurts, or anyone else in your QB room? For sure. But the questions about his off the field problems outweigh all of the positives between the painted white lines. Keep your 3 first round picks, keep the young charismatic QB, and let Watson walk. There are some deals that just aren’t worth the trouble, and the Eagles should be thankful that Watson stopped  them from making that move.