PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - DECEMBER 22: A general view of fans during the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 22, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There is a narrative out there that Eagles fans are drunkards. But is this stereotype true, or are we being unfairly characterized in this city. You might find the answer surprising.

Sports Handle surveyed fans of every fanbase, and they have the data that shows Eagles fans are in fact among the least drunk fanbases. Here is where they found the Eagles fans rank.

Most Beer Drunk per game

Eagles fans came in tied at 24th, averaging 3.4 beers per game, and on average spending $37 per game. Also at 3.4 per game are the Arizona Cardinals, and our rival the NY Giants. The Cowboys and Washington Football Team fans come in at 14th with 3.7 per game.

So who is in the top 5?

  1. Cincinnati Bengals- 5.2 Beers per game
  2. Baltimore Ravens- 4.7 per game
  3. Buffalo Bills- 4.5 per game
  4. Chicago Bears- 4.5 per game
  5. Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, and LA Chargers at 4.4 per game

Biggest Pre-Gamers

So perhaps Eagles fans are just economically Savvy and get all their drinking in before the game? Again, Eagles fans rank near the bottom for biggest pregame drinkers. They are 21st in the NFL with only 55% of Eagles fans saying they drink before entering the stadium.

The Top 5 in the NFL

  1. Buffalo Bills- 83% of Fans
  2. Carolina panthers- 81% of Fans
  3. Atlanta Falcons- 74% of fans
  4. Chicago Bears- 72% of fans
  5. Arizona Cardinals- 71% of fans

Biggest Lightweights

Eagles fans aren’t lightweights when they do drink though. 28% of Eagles fans said that they have missed some or all of a game because they drank too much. Which may seem like a high number, but its only the 26th highest number. Here the the 5 teams that ranked at the top of that stat.

  1. Carolina Panthers- 71%
  2. Buffalo Bills- 69%
  3. Cincinnati Bengals- 63%
  4. Seattle Seahawks- 62%
  5. Arizona Cardinals- 61%


So next time someone accuses Eagles fans of being drunks, you can prove them wrong with hard data. Not only are they not among the biggest beer consumers, they are near the bottom. Bills fans though will just have to take that criticism. They may take it as a compliment.

See the survey and the results here.