Eagles training camp is in full swing! Weve got stories about the 6th round pick who looks great in camp! The story of the QB turned TE who may be a diamond in the rough. The “could this team be better than we think” story. YES! Were in the thick of it. But as many look for a positive spin on training camp, one reporter went against the grain.

Jeff McLane from Inquirer.Com has established himself as one of the better journalists on the beat. He is a reporter who isnt scared to ask the tough questions, a lot of time at the indignation of the subject at the podium. No matter if its Chip Kelly, Carson Wentz, or Doug Pederson, Jeff McLane is not here to make friends. But the latest person in the Novacare complex to have McLane in their crosshairs is DT Fletcher Cox.

Cox addressed the local media via zoom on Monday after practice and McLane asked a question that led to a very awkward interaction….

This probably stems from an article McLane wrote that didnt paint Fletcher Cox in the best light. His production HAS declined. He IS the highest paid player on the team. He also buys into the silent treatment apparently.

Its a power move. Its a different approach from the player media battles weve seen in the past (like Voracek VS Sielski) but Cox played it like a DT who had studied the playbook. Knowing that if he stayed silent, McLane would think maybe the problem was on his end. Like when you get a knock at the door and you stay as silent as possible hoping the person will just go away……oh….that’s just me?!

This round goes to Cox but Fletcher should be worried because as the old adage goes “the pen is mightier than the zoom.”