While the Sixers front office decides what to do with Ben Simmons, he has decided what hes going to do in the offseason; watch tennis. The Sixers point guard was caught watching some tennis at Wimbledon with his new girlfriend Maya Jama

NOW! Before we get outraged because “WhY IsNt He In A GyM?!?!” id like to remind people that athletes have lives. They aren’t all Jimmy Butler who seem to live in the gym. (worth mentioning that even Jimmy Butler goes to a tropical island) but the idea that Ben Simmons, because he had a bad three months that included the playoffs, cant take in a damn tennis match is ridiculous.

the fact is, if Maya Jama (I dont know who she is or what she does but shes gorgeous) calls you up and says “Petey Plumber! Do you want to take me to Wimbledon?” and you can afford it, you arent going to say “Well I had a bad few weeks installing pipes so I really shouldnt.” Youre grabbing your jacket and are asking “is Andy Roddick still playing?”

And lets not forget what Philadelphia’s adopted son Jason Kelce was doing this past weekend

YES I KNOW IT WAS FOR CHARITY! And I think what Jason Kelce did was awesome. And he raised a ton of money for charity bartending and drinking with the people. But we are WAY closer to the Eagles season than the Sixers. And the outrage over Ben Simmons, and the cheers for Kelce (who is known for hanging down in Sea Isle and drinking with the people) shows the hypocrisy of our fan base.

I am pissed about how the Sixers season ended. And I will be the first to tell you that Ben Simmons might be the biggest reason why they failed to beat the Hawks. But I just implore you out there to not get upset when you see an athlete enjoying their offseason. They are allowed to live their lives. And to think that Brian Dawkins, Eric Lindros, Mike Schmidt, Bernie Parent, and every other all time great LIVED in the gym during the offseason is just short cited.