Former Eagles Head Coach and Super Bowl Champion Doug Pederson joined the Anthony Gargano Show to talk about what he’s been up to since leaving the Eagles, and also shares some of his thoughts on his time in Philadelphia and what happened in the years following the Super Bowl win. Despite how things ended, Pederson certainly seemed to be at peace with his experiences in Philly.

“We got accomplished in Philadelphia what I wanted to get accomplished and that was to win a world championship, and I wished everybody, Nick and all the guys best of luck moving forward, and I’m focused on my future.”

Anthony did question Pederson about the Super Bowl aftermath and how the new norm devolved into what we saw in the coming years, and Doug really did believe the Eagles were poised for a long run.

“We really felt like our new normal was going to be we’re going to be in the postseason every year and of course we were in ‘18 and ’19, and we were close again in ’19… And that was our new normal. That was going to be our blueprint in Philadelphia and things just got a little derailed, and here we are.”

Somewhat surprisingly though, Pederson, who has been quiet since being relieved of his duties as Eagles head coach this past winter, did mention he was always looking for another opportunity.

“For me, I feel like if I get another opportunity I want to do it again. When you get that taste – I went to 2 Super Bowls as a player in Green Bay and then obviously now being the coach in Philadelphia so 3 Super Bowls, and when it gets in your system like that, it’s just hard to turn that off… Hopefully I get another opportunity to lead another football team and do the same things again.”

You can check out the full interview with him below to hear more of his thoughts on his tenure in Philadelphia and some of his lessons learned over the years.