By Connor Thomas




The Eagles should absolutely not trade for Julio Jones. If you believe reports that there has been at least one offer for Jones that contains a 1st round pick, then there is definitely no chance the Eagles should make a deal with the Falcons for the veteran WR. On an impromptu (and illegal) appearance on Undisputed, Jones let the world know that while he was not interested in returning to Atlanta this year, he was also not interested in going somewhere that he couldn’t win. This might be a news flash to some of the more questionably optimistic members of the fan base, but the Philadelphia Eagles are not exactly a team ready to win now. The chances that Jones even considers coming to Philadelphia is minute.

Even smaller are the chances the Eagles would benefit from giving up one of their 2022 1st round picks for a 32 year old WR who is clearly disgruntled. Would it be awesome to watch Jalen Hurts throw to Jones? Absolutely. You know what is more awesome? Watching Jalen Hurts throw to DeVonta Smith for the next decade, along with a stalwart Guard blocking for him, a shutdown Safety picking the ball off and getting it back for the offense, and a monster Linebacker who can take the opposing QB off his feet. Would you give up one of those options for a receiver that probably doesn’t even want to be here to begin with? Yeah, I wouldn’t either.

It’s a tantalizing thought, Julio Jones in midnight green. But that’s all it is. A thought. A dream. It’s not happening folks, so outside of the fun photoshops that some people put together of Jones wearing a #11 Eagles jersey, don’t expect anything to come from this. The Eagles are a team rebuilding, and an aging veteran WR is not the answer for their situation.