ATLANTA - 2007: Johnathan Gannon of the Atlanta Falcons poses for his 2007 NFL headshot at photo day in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Getty Images)

Adam Schefter joined the John Kincade show for his weekly segment (Wednesdays at 8:10am) and talked a lot about new Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni. Sirianni had a rough start to his Eagles tenure, absolutely bombing his introductory press conference that left many Eagles fans scratching their heads and wondering if Sirianni had pictures of Howie and Lurie squirreled away somewhere.

“His initial press conference was not his finest moment,” Schefter told the Kincade show. “But since then hes settled into that role nicely. And people can see some of the attributes that the Eagles liked when they hired him.”

Schefter then moved into discussing one of the young coaches that Sirianni brought with him to Philly; Jonathan Gannon.

“Jonathan Gannon was identified by other people that wanted to bring (Jonathan Gannon) with them. So clearly the guy made a mark on other coaching candidates. People knew about that guy. He was on a lot of radars.”


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