PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 07: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill watch the Philadelphia Phillies host the St. Louis Cardinals during Game Five of the National League Divisional Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 7, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

If you were unaware, President Joe Biden is a Philly Sports fan. Back in the day you could see the former Vice President at Citizens Bank Park proudly sporting Phillies stuff. In 2016 he also tried to get former President Obama on the “Wentz Wagon.” Hes one of us. Which makes his comments ok. Because if this was said by an outsider then were ready to throw down. But It was said by a guy who watch Mark Sanchez play quarterback for the Eagles, and the illustrious Tommy Joseph era for the Phillies.

But recently the President stepped out for lunch and a woman from Fishtown approached him to let him know she was from Philly. The President stopped to have a conversation with her, something he wouldn’t have done if the woman had been from Madison Wisconsin. The conversation started off about fish town but morphed into the Philly sports fan.

“Philadelphia’s fans are the most informed, most obnoxious fans in the world. They know everything. You know what I mean? So I never disagree with my wife.”

Honestly. I see no lies. We take it as a point of pride that were seen as both knowledgeable and insufferable all at the same time. Were hard headed. But thats what makes us US. While most Presidents would likely find us annoying, this one finds us endearing because he gets it. No matter how you voted, its nice to know the most powerful man in the world is cheering for the Birds come Sunday’s