If you want a positive Eagles story than hit this link. That link will help you live in the Eagles bubble that you want to be in. The one where the Eagles DIDNT just botch their 3rd? 4th? 5th? 6th? 7th? draft in a row. That link will help you live in the magical world of sunshine and rainbows. This article will be entrenched in reality.

In the first round Howie Roseman did a masterful job of manipulating the draft. He traded back to 12, picked up an extra first rounder for 2022. He correctly predicted that both Kyle Pitts and Ja’Marr Chase wouldnt be there at 6. They then traded up to pick 10, hopping over the Giants, and took DeVonta Smith. They nailed it. But As the draft played out it became obvious that Howie gave the scouts round 1 and then he, Jeffrey, and “Harvard” Alec Halaby said “well take it from here boy!”

In the second round they took Landon Dickerson. For the third time in the last four years they spent a second round pick on a position that wasn’t an immediate pressing need. (Dallas Goedert when they had Zach Ertz, and Jalen Hurts when they had Carson Wentz were the others.) Im sure Landon Dickerson will end up being a very good player. Just like last year, the player (Hurts) isn’t the one being criticized. Its the decision to take THAT position. Because when you break down the Eagles roster the strength of the team is their offensive line.

While it was ravaged by injuries last season this O-Line, when healthy, is really good. Even the backups last year were able to get valuable experience thanks to the fact that the line was ravaged by injuries. So going into the draft, I thought they needed to address the line but later. Not in the second round when youre looking to get impact players that will push for playing time right out the gate.

For the second straight year in a row im sitting here talking about the Eagles second round pick saying “If everything goes well he wont play.” And that’s a fact. Because Dickerson is blocked by All-Pro Jason Kelce. While its great that they now have his heir apparent waiting to take over they still have no linebackers or corners. On top of that, the O-Line is primarily a plug and play position when it comes to top picks. Guys drafted in the first and second round rarely wait on the sidelines. They play right away. And this team desperately needs players that can step in and play right away. Now if he is able to beat out Issac Seumalo then my opinion changes quite a bit. But right now hes scheduled to be a backup and learn.

And lets talk about a defense of this pick. “The Eagles offensive line is old and often injured.” Which is all true. But Dickerson is often injured. They drafted an offensive linemen whos been injured every season since 2016. Hes got bad knees and bad ankles. And the last thing this team needs is another often injured center.

ok, lets move into the third round.

Ok. Lets make things clear. This DOES NOT go on in EVERY war room. Do you remember it happening? Can you give me an example? This rhetoric is from a group of people that would rather believe what we witnessed in the above clip isn’t a big deal. And you know what? If this WEREN’T the Philadelphia Eagles, I would tend to agree with you. If Jeff McLane hadnt written a scathing article about Howie in March I would say it wasn’t a big deal. If the Athletic hadnt followed it up with arguably an even WORSE article on the Eagles front office in April, then I would agree with you. But those two articles DID come out. Confirming every Eagles fans concerns. Watch the video closely. Look at the most excited people in the room. Howie Roseman, Jeffrey Lurie, and Alec Halaby. The three guys in the room that probably shouldn’t be making the decisions.

On top of that, they took a defensive tackle. Not a cornerback. Not a linebacker. But a defensive tackle. Do they need defensive tackles? Is that a pressing need? They could use the depth, but they don’t need depth right now, they need players. And while the offensive line is probably the strength of the team, the defensive line is a close second. They drafted FOUR defensive linemen in the draft.

Meanwhile the needs of this football team were obvious. Corner and linebacker. Wide receiver was obviously in the mix and I didnt complain when they addressed it in round 1. They didn’t address the secondary until the 4th round. They didnt take a linebacker until the 6th. Right now the Eagles basically have you and me playing linebacker right now. They still dont have another outside corner opposite Darius Slay.

In round 1 you had to fix the mistakes of the past. the following rounds you primarily took players at positions that werent pressing. Howie gonna Howie.