If you were unaware, the Philadelphia Eagles did something they haven’t done in the last 156 draft picks. They took an Alabama player. Drafting DeVonta Smith with the 10th pick after trading up with the Cowboys, giving up their later 3rd round pick. This allowed the Eagles to get in front of the New York Giants who had their sights set on Smith.

Look, this was pretty rare because Howie Roseman actually did well. Were not used to that in Philly. In an attempt to be positive, Ive found some instant twitter reaction from the pick.


The Cuz likes it! And a happy Cuz is the BEST Cuz

Yes. This is an accurate tweet

“I am the storm” is incredible!

He already gets it

Big facts here. Howie played this beautifully

The Ciunas got his guy!

God Bless Us! Everyone!

has nothing to do with the Smith pick, but Ty just stating FACTS. Kings of Leon NOT in Club Tyrone

This was fun!

the Smith pick passes the Missanelli test


Hes right though….

It breaks a trend!

Orlovsky says put RESPEKT on Howie’s name

Its the summer of HOWIE!