Most of the talk regarding the Philadelphia Eagles lately has been about the article from The Athletic from Sheil Kapadia, Bo Wolf, and Zach Berman. It seems a little bit like Rome is burning but the man who started the first has no interest in calling the fire department. If I’m not being obvious enough, Jeffrey Lurie doesnt seem to be running a well run organization.

But Adam Schefter joined The John Kincade Show for his weekly hit (Wednesday’s at 8:10am) and he didnt think it was nearly as bad as Eagles fans may think.

“Ive heard that goes on everywhere. There are dysfunctional teams that win too. But this goes on with all teams.” Schefter added Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Oakland as franchises who seemed dysfunctional in the past but have seemed to steer the ship in the right direction. 

In terms of the draft, the Eagles now find themselves with two division rivals in front of them after Howie Roseman traded back to the #12 pick. Adam was asked what the Cowboys and Giants might do and he went defense for both.

“Dallas has to go defense. Giants defense has been woeful. They could use help in the secondary.”

Check out the full interview below