ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joined the John Kincade show on Thursday and discussed the NFL draft, and what hes hearing. There was a lot of good insight, but for those who think MAYBE…just MAYBE Pitts, or Chase, or Sewell could drop to the Birds at 12, or drop to the point where the Eagles trade back up well Schefter rained on that parade.

“Pitts, Sewell, or Chase will be the first three non-quarterbacks to go in the first round. In no particular order.”

And as for trading back UP?

“Why trade back, just to trade back up? I dont see that happening. I think the Eagles loaded up for next season on purpose. They now have ammunition to go get a quarterback OR if Hurts proves to be the guy then you surround him with talent”

For the full interview click the link below for all of Schefty’s wisdom and nuggets.