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KANSAS CITY, MI - CIRCA 2010: In this handout image provided by the NFL, Nick Sirianni of the Kansas City Chiefs poses for his 2010 NFL headshot circa 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Theres no sugar coating it, the Nick Sirianni press conference was BAD. REAL BAD. Its also one press conference and not worth judging the guy over. Both can be true.

Nick Sirianni was finally allowed out of Jeffrey Lurie’s bunker to address the media 8 days after being hired. He was thrown to the media on a Friday at noon, which is a clear news dump. If you’re not familiar with what a news dump is, the basic premise is an organization drops news that they know wont be well received on a Friday, saving face because its technically a work day. But the hope is that when the working public comes back Monday the bad news is an “old story.” So all the signs were there that this was NOT going to go well. And it didn’t

He was mocked all over social media. Hell, we had fun with it on the morning show

But this is an organization that has ONE Super Bowl. A Super Bowl that was won by a coach that was “gee golly shucks” in his introductory press conference. Doug Pederson was a coach that no fan really wanted, and was a stumbling bumbling idiot who didn’t exactly bestow a lot of confidence in the fan base. But he won.

Part of this probably has to do with the fact that 99% of Eagles fans had never heard of Nick Sirianni before his name popped up as a candidate for the job. You’re not LESS of a “football guy” for not being dialed into the Indianapolis Colts coaching staff. So you combine that, with the fact that hes 39 years old AND he apparently wasn’t his first choice (with some candidates turning down the job.) Its worth reminding people that Doud Pederson was the Eagles third choice behind Ben McAdoo and Adam Gase. Two epic failures as coaches but two guys who apparently could “wow” in interviews. So heres a coach who you just found out existed 48 hours ago. And then you have to wait 8 days to hear him speak and THATS what you get?! The normal reaction was what you saw on social media. But take a step back.

This one press conference does not define the Nick Sirianni era in Philly. “Gosh it went great” is still brought up, its still a drop we use here at 975. But its now something that we laugh at, not something we point to as an example that Doug Pederson was the wrong guy for the job. And thats because Doug won.

One former Colt came to his defense on twitter. Pro-Bowler Darius Leonard.

And even though Leonard didn’t play under Sirianni, he has a better understanding of who Nick Sirianni is than anyone who’s claiming “he aint it.” And he might not be. That hoagie mouth that you work with you declared “this guy sucks! hes an idiot” after hearing him speak for all of 30 minutes could very well be correct (and you will never hear the end of it if he does end up being correct.) But the jury is still out. Hell, the jury hasn’t even left for deliberation. The jury just arrived and heard opening statements. So hold off judgement. At least for one quarter…