The Phillies offseason is heating up! Thursday they agreed to a contract with reliever Archie Bradley, and Friday they avoided arbitration with both Vincent Velasquez and Rhys Hoskins. The same couldnt be said for one of the best catchers in baseball, JT Realmuto, last offseason. Many thought that the fact the Phillies were haggling over an arbitration case last offseason would end up biting them in the end when Realmuto left for another team. The catching market though has dried up and the Phillies have made an offer.

According to the Athletic’s Jayson Stark The Phillies have sent Realmuto a 5 year offer for 9 figures (over $100 million. Ill do the match for you)

It seemed like a good step when Jim Salisbury from NBC Sports Philadelphia reported earlier this week that Dombrowski met with Realmuto and his wife down in Oklahoma. Dombrowski played it off like the two were getting to know each other but Dave cant fool us!

Its no secret that Realmuto loved his time here and wants to stay. The fact the Phillies had more fans show up for games during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC than he saw in his entire time in Miami spoke to him. Seriously

We will keep you updated!