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By Rob Maaddi


The Eagles went from Super Bowl champions to dysfunctional in three years.

That’s not easy to accomplish.

Reports that Doug Pederson’s job as head coach is in jeopardy emerged Sunday. Howie Roseman is expected to remain, according to those reports. We’ve already heard reports about Carson Wentz’s future and addressed those. It’s not hard to figure out where the leaks are coming from and owner Jeffrey Lurie can’t allow it to continue because this leads to a toxic environment. The Eagles finished 4-11-1. They were dismal on the field. But now they’re a bigger mess off of it. Handling your business through anonymous reports to the media isn’t the best way to build success and it certainly destroys the culture. Changing coaches and changing quarterbacks every few years seems like a repetitive cycle that’s inevitable for this organization.

Lurie can justify keeping Pederson because he won a Super Bowl three years ago and went to the playoffs the next two seasons. He can justify firing him because the team has a losing record since winning that Super Bowl. The team can justify keeping Wentz because it invested a ton of money in him and he was at least a top-15 quarterback until 2020. It can justify trading Wentz because he had a terrible season. It could strengthen its position for trading him by making it seem like he wanted out even though he hasn’t demanded a deal. The Eagles reached this point because they simply don’t have enough talent. They lack star-quality young players. They haven’t drafted a Pro Bowl player other than Wentz since 2014. They have an aging, expensive roster. Yet, it appears the talent evaluator won’t be held accountable.

If Pederson loses his job or Wentz is traded or both are gone, it still doesn’t fix the main problem if the same person responsible for poor drafts keeps making the picks. The Eagles aren’t close to getting back to the playoffs. They need a total rebuild. Lurie has to decide if changing the coach or quarterback or both is enough. He can make a strong case for a complete overhaul, especially considering how quickly things have deteriorated.