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Well that was a quick meeting

Originally Doug Pederson, along with GM Howie Roseman’s jobs were considered safe. But yesterday Chris Mortensen from ESPN put out a report that Pederson’s initial meeting with owner Jefrey Lurie did not go well. The two were set to meet today, along with QB Carson Wentz down in Florida.

Reading between the lines, this may have been a mutual parting ways

Honestly who can blame him? He wins a Super Bowl and has to listen to a guy who took JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Jalen Reagor over DK Metcalf and Justin Jefferson. Must be irritating when you have to listen to someone that you know more than. But this also probably has to do with Doug’s relationship with Carson Wentz

The relationship between Pederson and Wentz was fractured this season. Many reports stated that the $100 million dollar QB was not happy with the organization drafting Jalen Hurts. It also was puzzling how Pederson got more out of the rookie quarterback than the former MVP candidate. Pederson did himself no favors for how he handled the last game of the season, seemingly throwing it for the better draft pick (thank you Doug!)

Doug Pederson was hired as the head coach with little to no fan fare. he brought the organization its first ever Super Bowl championship in 2018 and his hand picked quarterback Carson Wentz was a big part of it, despite being on the sidelines with an injury during the playoff run.

Thank you Doug for that magical run. but the Eagles are once again looking for a head coach