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By Rob Maaddi


Carson Wentz and the Eagles have a complicated relationship that will end in a breakup or

Right now, nobody knows what will happen.

It’s no secret Wentz is frustrated about the way his season unfolded from his poor performance to his
benching. It’s understandable if he has lost trust in an organization that drafted another quarterback in
the second round instead of spending a premium pick on a player who could contribute immediately.
But he’s smart enough to understand he doesn’t control his future. If he asks for a trade, the Eagles
don’t have to accommodate him.

The team invested a ton of money in a player they expected to be the face of the franchise for a
decade. Trading him requires absorbing a significant cap hit. Sure, it may be possible to alleviate some of
those losses but doing it won’t be simple. Howie Roseman said Monday he’s not planning to trade
Wentz “right now.” Doug Pederson has said often he wants to fix the situation. I reported Tuesday
there’s hope the relationship won’t end in divorce.

It’s smart business for the Eagles to try to work things out with Wentz before making a final decision.
They didn’t see enough from Jalen Hurts to be convinced he’s the answer. They also don’t know for
certain what the market will be for a QB coming off the worst season of his five-year career.
Wentz isn’t a troublemaker. He’s not the kind of guy who will try to force his way off the team if he
doesn’t get what he wants. He’s been a supportive teammate through the most tumultuous season of
his career and he’s always been a model citizen. The Eagles can justify bringing him back.

“Carson is plugged in, man. He’s plugged in here. He’s been in Jalen’s ear, helping him out whenever he
can,” Boston Scott said after the final game. “He’s been continuing to work hard, continuing to attack
each day like a professional. He’s been a leader so I have nothing but respect for Carson Wentz, always
will and whatever happens with him, he has the full support of this team. We’ve always viewed him as a
leader. We rock with him no matter what. There hasn’t been any change in his mood. There hasn’t been
any change in his attitude. Carson Wentz is a winner, he’s a competitor and he’s a great dude so you
wouldn’t have even known he was in the situation he was in. He’s just been so positive.”

The Eagles could also justify trading Wentz, especially if he wants it. The team is a mess. They were 4-
11-1 because they lack talent top to bottom. They have an aging roster, high-priced veterans who are
injury-prone or declining or both and few star-caliber young players.

Trading Wentz for draft capital and rebuilding around Hurts or another young QB might be the team’s
best option. It could be a win-win situation for both sides. Wentz gets a fresh start on a new team and
the Eagles take aim toward a better future. That only works if they hit on several of their draft picks. If
not, they’ll be stuck in the same cycle with revolving quarterbacks and no direction.

The Eagles are facing a franchise-altering decision regarding Wentz. The reporter in me can’t speculate
about the outcome. The talk-show host side of me says it’s time to move on.