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As most of my college professors can attest to, I do some of my best work last minute. So at 1:30 the day before Thanksgiving I decided to ask all my co-workers to get back to me with one thing they were thankful for in Philly sports. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I’m thankful for family, friends, health, and that 2020 is almost over. But Philly sports has had a rough year. And if were being honest, we tend to focus on the negatives more often than the positives. So here were the answers I received:


Pat Egan

“Doc Rivers, Elton Brand and Daryl Morey. This leadership group should be able to get the Sixers back on track. Also have to say I’m thankful for Carter Hart and the rest of the Flyers organization. Only good things ahead from them. And Alec Bohm.”

Jamie Lynch

“Daryl Morey. Because he GETS us”

Bob Cooney 

“Pat Egan because hes the fourth son I never had”

(disclaimer. This was literally what he sent me.)

Andrew Salciunas

”Daryl Morey and the Sixers because the Eagles are making me miserable on Thanksgiving and now I at least will be happy on Christmas”

Natalie Egenolf

”I’m thankful for the Phillie Phanatic! In one of the most strange times in the United States, the Phanatic shined on a national stage and single handed lay carried the Phillies entertainment value for the season. Through it all, he remains a constant in good times and in bad for Philadelphia and beyond”

Tyler Zulli

”I’m thankful the Union have had so much success with homegrown talent. And that the Howie Roseman tenure is almost over”

Devon Givens

”I’m thankful for the return of the Sixers and Flyers so we can roll right into the winter sports and get past the mess that is the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m also thankful to our listeners for their support each weeknight. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Cant do it without you! Happy Thanksgiving!”


Devon summed it up perfectly! Thank YOU for listening, calling in, tweeting in, and letting us be apart of your lives. Through good and bad the listeners have been there and that is something we are TRULY thankful for here at the Fanatic. Have a great Thanksgiving!