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A week after the Sixers unveiled their “boat house row” jersey the Flyers unveiled their new jersey. The NHL is doing “Reverse Retro jerseys for each team, and the Flyers is (insert fire emoji…insert two fire emoji’s so the people know you aren’t kidding!)

The “best” (or possibly the worst) of the group goes to the Anaheim Ducks who went back to the glory days of the Mighty Ducks cartoon. So much nostalgia in one sweater!

But hey, you didnt come here for Ducks jerseys, you came here for Flyers jerseys. Here is the new look.


These jerseys are tough though. The Flyers have never really diverted from the classic look they came into the league with in 1967, but this twist is something i can get behind. Its screams “Philly blue collar!”….

Now dont get me wrong, I am fully aware this is a money grab by the NHL to recoup some of the money they have lost/are going to lose because of the lack of fans in the stands….but it doesnt matter