The creators of “The Last Dance” will be making a Stone Cold Steve Austin documentary


The “Texas rattle snake” will be getting the premier documentary treatment as the WWE will collaborate with the people that brought us the 10 part documentary series on the Bulls final championship run.

Stone Cold was the biggest wrestling super star in the 90’s. No one came close (dont argue it! You wont win.) and its understandable why. During the WWF’s “Attitude Era” Stone Cold was embodiment of attitude. I mean this was a guy that flipped off his boss regularly. Who DOESNT want to do that?!

(I enjoy my current bosses very much. And I would never flip them off or give them a Stunner while drinking beer as the sound of glass shatters in the background)

I personally grew up in the perfect time to get in on the Stone Cold hype train. It was second grade and my buddy had just gotten “No Way Out 98” on VHS and we watched it. And second grade Pat was HOOKED. Looking back on it, it was a terrible PPV. But I didnt know any better. I was a dumb 8 year old.

I was heavily into wrestling until around 2002 when I just fazed out of it but the industry has also fascinated me. So I’m all in on this even though I dont know how much more they can tell about his story. Steve Austin has had a few documentaries already made about him. His time in WCW is well documented, as is his firing from WCW. He found his voice in the local promotion ECW and then got signed by the WWF where he had his breakout at King of the Ring 96. That is where the “Austin 3:16” tag line was born.

You couldn’t go anywhere in the late 90’s without seeing some guy rocking jean shorts and frosted tips while wearing an Austin 3:16 shirt and I am proud to say I was one of those people. So let me be the first on this website to say