The NBA has proposed a December 22nd start date for the 2020-2021 season to the players association. The NBAPA is expected to accept this proposal, which will be for 72 games.

I’m not going to to bore you with the financial details but the players wont be making as much as they would in a normal season because of the shortened season.

This process was sped along after commissioner Adam Silver told NBA teams they were running out of time for a possible December 22nd start date. It makes you wonder if Silver’s relationship with the players had something to do with the plan being pushed forward.

Its fair to say that out of the four major sports Silver has the best relationship with its players. We will probably never know but if Rod Manfred, Major League Baseball’s commissioner had told teams/the players association  they were running out of time to start the season they might’ve told him to kick rocks. But I’m a guy writing in my (my, not my moms) basement so what do I know.

Back to the actual news! If this plan is accepted then we will have the following:

November 18th: NBA Draft

November 20th or 21st: NBA Free Agency

December 1st: NBA Training camp opens

December 22nd: Start of the season.

Early June: Sixers win the NBA championship in a 4 game sweep after becoming the first team to go undefeated in the regular season, winning all 72 games. And then sweeping every single playoff series as well.