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It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything from Shroud. Yes, he has been active since the Mixer shutdown, but he hasn’t officially streamed/tweeted/done ANYTHING related to having a career in video games for almost a month and a half now. But late last night, Shroud sent a tweet that started the speculation train rolling again.


Shroud finally breaks his silence since the end of Mixer and sends a tweet for the first time in almost 40 days that hints that he could be going pro in Valorant, a CS:GO legend gets banned from Twitch and then pulls a Dr. Disrespect while calling out fake channels, and Overwatch confirms that nerfing the double shield meta is their biggest priority.

Shroud Breaks Silence After Mixer to Go Pro In Valorant (?) And S1mple Goes Dr. Disrespect After Ban

Shroud finally breaks his silence since the end of Mixer and sends a tweet for the first time in almost 40 days that hints that he could be going pro in Valo...

This is his first tweet since June 22nd, right when Microsoft paid out his exclusive Mixer contract of reportedly 30 million dollars. All the tweet concerned was a gif of an animated gun graphic firing a bullet, but eagle-eyed viewers will see flashes of Valorant gameplay reflected on the barrel of the gun.

Did you see the Valorant clips in there? If Valorant is in the future of Shroud, it would make good on his April Fool’s prank from earlier this year where he pretended was going to be going pro in Valorant because he missed competitive play.

Other people were claiming that it simply meant he had “pulled the trigger” on a deal with Twitch, his most likely home since the implosion of Mixer, a place where he still has 7.1 million followers, but no news on that front yet.

The bigger question out of all of this is, why have Shroud and his fellow former mixer star Ninja, not announced where they are going to be continuing their streaming careers? I mean, I get that once somebody cuts you a paycheck for a million dollars, let alone 30 and 60 million respectively, you don’t have to rush to get back to work any time soon. But it’s still a curious case, and Shroud putting this tweet back into the world only raises speculation that an announcement will be imminent.


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