The Ignition Series is underway for professional Valorant players, and the biggest shock to come out of the tournaments has been seeing how the scene is still wildly developing and just how much there still is to determine when it comes to the meta of the game itself. Pick rates from the most recent professional tournament were released and there were some interesting tidbits tucked within that may give some more context as to the latest hints given by Riot devs on who they plan to buff and nerf.


FaZe Respond to “Publicity Stunt” as President Leaves for New Org After Calling Out ‘Frat House’ Organizations, Riot Confirms Changes Coming to Sage, Raze, and Viper in Upcoming Buff After First Pro Cheating Accusations Levied in Valorant, & ESL One Cologne 2020 to be played online with a new format.

Sage, Raze & Viper

Cypher stands to continue to be a dominant force within the pro scene at an ASTOUNDING 100% pick rate, and agents like Phoniex and Viper are picked by lower-tier players almost never getting touched in the pro scene. Sage, while not nearly at her untouchable 100% pick rate when the game launched, is still at an astounding comp selection rate with only TSM breaking the mold and trying to run a team without her.

All of this leads to the Riot devs confirming buffs to Viper, and nerfs to both Sage and Raze, are on the way in the next patch expected on July 21st.

Also coming out of the latest professional tournament was the first cheating accusation that Riot Games had faced within their new Valorant scene. According to a statement that they released,

“During the WePlay! Invitational, we received credible allegations of a team cheating and escalated the issue to our anti-cheat team who is currently reviewing the pertinent matches. We asked the organizer to temporarily pause the tournament and hold the results while we evaluated the possibility of replaying portions of the bracket.”

After some investigation, it was determined that there was no foul play that affected the Grand finals or the qualifiers.

Looks like Riot has plenty on their hands to handle over the next few weeks as more kinks are worked out of the meta and actual tournament system itself for the fledgling scene of Valorant as more pros show just how big this is about to get.


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