If you’ve heard anything about esports, you’ve heard the phrase ‘FaZe Clan’ before. FaZe Clan is one of the biggest esports brands in the world, bringing gaming lifestyle to the forefront of popular culture. They have huge name content creators and streamers alike operating under one banner, but content creation isn’t the only thing they have in spades. Between the Tfue lawsuits as of late, the antics that have been reported by some of the most toxic content creators in the space which seem to revolve around childish and immature people that work for FaZe Clan, and even the success they have had at actual competitions from strong showings in the CDL, FaZe Clan has left an indelible mark on esports as a whole. But one thing that they are not is diverse, and not by a long shot.


FaZe Respond to “Publicity Stunt” as President Leaves for New Org After Calling Out ‘Frat House’ Organizations, Riot Confirms Changes Coming to Sage, Raze, and Viper in Upcoming Buff After First Pro Cheating Accusations Levied in Valorant, & ESL One Cologne 2020 to be played online with a new format.

FaZe President Leaves

At least, that’s the reasoning that was given by the now-former FaZe Clan president, Greg Selkoe, who left the organization after two and a half years, saying: “We realized there was a huge void that needed to be filled in the gaming marketplace.” That’s why Selkoe announced that he would be starting a new esports org called Xset that would be focused on diversity in both race and part of the LGBT community after he called out almost every other organization for being a part of the “frat house” mentality that most of the other organizations possessed according to him.

According to a giant New York Times article, it paints the entire situation out to be one that was done out of the goodness of Selkoe’s heart and a desire to provide a home for diversity in gaming, but the FaZe Clan organization has responded and cast doubt upon the wholesome reasonings there. According to officials within the org, Selkoe was told back in January that the organization would be looking for his resignation sometime in May, and that it was simply pushed back and delayed until the recent announcement.

Will Xset be a force to contend with in the future? It’s dicey right now to start ANY new business, let alone an online gaming org in the age of COVID, even despite the increase in online viewership just due to the logistical nightmare that is owning a business in the current times. And what does it mean that this whole move wasn’t necessarily one of ‘good intentions’ by the former FaZe Clan president, essentially being told he was being laid off. Then later comes out and says he is doing this to combat toxicity and non-inclusion in the gaming scene; do you think he means it when he says that they want to bring a new kind of gamer to the forefront of esports?


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