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The Eagles sent an email to season ticket holders Tuesday morning informing them that their ticket installment payments scheduled to be billed on Wednesday will not be billed, fueling speculation among some fans that games will be played in empty stadiums this coming season.

The Eagles, like all NFL teams, have not officially made any statements about how many fans, if any, will be allowed in the stadiums in the fall. That will likely be determined by guidance from league and public officials as the season gets closer.

The Eagles had already deferred this second payment from April 16 to July 1.

According to the email, the Eagles will communicate additional information regarding season tickets soon:

“Previously, you had deferred your 2020 season ticket payment to July 1st. We do not plan to process this payment as scheduled and will communicate additional information regarding the 2020 season following the Fourth of July.”

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Because of the risks and unknowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, some teams have given fans the option of opting out of their season tickets for 2020 without losing their ticket privileges beyond this season, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Eagles took the same action.

The Eagles haven’t clarified yet whether ticket holders who are unable to attend Eagles home games in 2020 will receive refunds or credits toward 2021 tickets from payments already made. 

That information will likely be coming in the next several days as well.

The Eagles are scheduled to open the preseason on Aug. 13 in Indianapolis. The first home preseason game is scheduled for Aug. 27 against the Patriots. The regular-season home opener is Sept. 20 against the Rams.

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