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The NFL yesterday cancelled the Hall of Fame game due to the Coronavirus pandemic so unfortunately we wont get to see such a riveting game between two teams that Eagles fans aren’t huge fans of (Cowboys and Steelers.) This does however beg the question if training camp will be backed up, or cancelled all together. As of now, the NFL is planning on starting on time. So what kind of Eagles team will we see?

“This team has more talent than the team that won the Super Bowl,” said former Eagles OT Brandon Brooks who joined the morning show Friday. “That team had the comradery….they had the tightness of a unit. But as far as player for player (the 2020 Eagles) this is no doubt the most talented team I’ve seen in the past 5 years.”

Barrett discussed Malcolm Jenkins recent comments on football being a non-essential, as well as the Eagles offensive line dealing with the loss of Brandon Brooks.

Missed the interview? Check it out below.