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We finally have a baseball season….maybe. After the players association rejected the latest proposal from the owner’s Commissioner Rob Manfred decided to impose a 60 game season.

Players are expected to agree to the leagues health and safety protocols on Tuesday and then players will report to their home teams ball park for the start of “spring training” on July 1st. But is all of this too late?

“Baseballs big loss here is they squandered the opportunity to build a fan base and engender some good will amongst the population that is ambivalent to the sport,” Phillies beat writer David Murphy told the morning show Tuesday. “They could’ve had the whole month of July to themselves. They could’ve been kings! But now, it’s like a 180. They’re going to comeback but they’re going to have to compete with the NBA all day every day. And they usually don’t have to do that. So now you’re looking at a situation where fewer people are watching (baseball) than ever before.”

Murphy expanded on the return of baseball, and if he thinks we could see players sit out the season.

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