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In a situation that mirrors “Panda Watch” from the 2004 movie Anchorman baseball continues to drag its feet on a possible season in 2020. The players association was SUPPOSED to vote yesterday but that vote was tabled when the head of the players association (Tony Clark) received a letter from Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Will we get a baseball season in 2020? Who knows. But one man who has a plan for a return was the Inquirer’s Scott Lauber who joined the morning show Monday to discuss the matter.

“I would say if there is no agreement by the middle of the week than (Manfred) will have to impose a season because they really can’t let it stretch much further than this,” Said Lauber to Marc Farzetta.

“Manfred really doesn’t want to (impose a season) he wants to get an agreement.

Check out the full interview below: