As Major League Baseball turns into a cheesy soap opera (“As The Baseball World Turns” has a nice ring to it) We as fans are left with the same question weve had since the Coronavirus pandemic hit; “Are we going to get baseball in 2020?”

“I really think they will”, said MLB Insider Jon Morosi who joined Jason Myrtetus Friday morning. “When you really boil it down, the last MLb proposal was 60 games, and the players have just proposed 70. And that is not a very big gap. While there has been a lot of ranker, and I understand that’s been frustrating for everyone involved, I would just stress that they are quite close on the number of games.”

While it is nice to have some positive talk about a possible baseball return the latest proposal from the players has seemed to annoy the owners with one owner referring to the players proposal as “dead on arrival.” And the scariest issue is urgency doesn’t seem to be an issue with the owners planning on taking their time to reject an offer they already aren’t fans of.

Jon Morosi broke down more complications that are ahead for Major League Baseball and a possible return so make sure to check out the podcast below.