Activision blocks 100 Thieves from running a Warzone charity event only to cause a huge blow-up with the organization, Apex Legends reveals their season 5 Lost Treasures event and a buff to this legend and The Last of Us 2 is out but why big streamers are saying they won’t stream it at all?

Activision DENIES 100 Thieves Using Warzone for a Charity Event

This is not a good look for Activision. Yesterday it was announced that the previously advertised Warzone charity event that was being put on by 100 Thieves had been canceled due to a sponsor (CashApp) not being allowed by Warzone’s developer Activision. The organization had originally pledged to donate 100k to charitable causes involved in racial equality in the wake of protests across the US, and many believe that it was the true reason why Activision pulled the plug in the first place.

The bigger bad look here is just how janky the rollout from 100 Thieves truly was. Why would you announce a massive event to the world, and not have been given permission yet from the company that owns the game? This isn’t 100 Thieves first time at the rodeo, and they knew they would need permissions but decided to do it anyway. Bad business dude.

100 Thieves have announced that they will be making the donation to 3 different organizations working to further racial equity with a different tournament with a different game at some point down the line.

End of the day, 100 Thieves dropped the ball by not getting their ducks in a row before going to the public. Once they announced that tournament without consulting Activision after they had already sold the sponsorship rights to a company, the entire project was doomed. We will keep you updated when new details come out of when and what this new gaming charity event series will look like when they become available

Apex Legends Announces New Event, Lifeline to Get Buffed

The first four seasons of Apex Legends saw each of the release Legends, and the expansion debutants that were added soon after, remain basically the same. Season 5 tipped that on its head, however, with a mega-sized Mirage rework.

In a video released yesterday by EA, Apex’s next in-game event will take place between June 23 to July 7, and will be bringing the most content we’ve seen in Season 5 yet. This time around, there’s stacks to look forward to. The “Armed and Dangerous Evolved” Limited Time Mode headlines the Lost Treasures event and sees players do battle across Kings Canyon armed only with shotguns and sniper rifles.

But one of the biggest surprises was the continuation of buffs to main legends, something that was unheard of in the first five seasons of the game that left the playable characters fairly unchanged. After Season 5 overhauled Mirage and buffed him back into a viable pick, Lifeline (my personal main) looks to be getting the next buff series applied. From what we have seen so far, she seems to now be able to revive her teammates using only the healing drone! Respawn has yet to officially comment on this rework. They did admit back in May they were “trying things” to try and give Lifeline back some of her original Season 1 power though.

Last of Us 2 is Out, Major streamers say they won’t play it

The Last of Us 2 is out as of midnight this morning, but there are already streamers saying they won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. The follow up to what most would consider Sony’s strongest single player franchise in a decade has been met with plenty of excitement and anticipation. But if you were to talk to Summit or Shroud, some of the largest streamers out there, they have sworn that they won’t play it for quite a while on stream.

They argue that they don’t need to be the “first person to finish the game on stream”. Why do you want to be the very first person to do it, other than to get the clout? It’s exactly as Summit described; a rat race. Any time a new game is released, streamers are attempting to beat the entire game first before anybody else and do it on stream, when the rest of the world has things like jobs, and family and other responsibilities to attend to. If you want to watch the stream the day it’s out? More power to you. But there are plenty of gamers and people who still use gaming as an enjoyable, non-work related activity, and those are the people who would rather not feel the pressure to be the first when it comes to something they see as extracurricular. I hope that this becomes more the trend in the future with streamers; sometimes, it’s best to let a game be just that: a game.


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