ESPN baseball insider Buster Olney joined Jason Myrtetus today and didn’t mince words on why we haven’t seen baseball in 2020. “Both sides have dramatically underestimated the long term impact of how this has played out.” Just five days after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said “unequivocally we will be playing baseball this year.” He walked those comments back in an appearance on ESPN, changing his tune to “I cant say with 100% certain (baseball in 2020) will happen.”

A frustrated Buster Olney (and honestly, what baseball fan isn’t frustrated) went on to say that the bad blood we’re currently seeing between the players and owners may actually stem from the LAST CBA negotiations in 2016. “In 2016 the players were absolutely routed. And out of that a lot of distrust and suspicion started to grow among the players.”

The scariest thing that Olney said had to do with the lack of communication between the players and owners; “they’re not even talking. There hasn’t been an actual conversation in more than a week! Its insane!”

Listen to the full podcasted interview below