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We all await the return of sports, but we are just fans. What is life like now for the players, coaches, GM’s, and everyone else that is a part of an organization?

Earlier today Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown joined Anthony Gargano and discussed a bunch of things regarding the team and how he is handling his duties during this time off. Like Elton Brand said a few weeks ago to Anthony, Brown also hinted that this time off could be beneficial for the Sixers.

During the interview he talked about how this time off has allowed him to take a “deep dive” on the 2019-20 team. Brown mentioned that the deep dives have “revealed a lot and what it ends up doing is that it will end up being the compass, the road map and how you cut to the chase and jump into this thing and try to legitimately contest for a championship.”

From the very beginning of the season, through all of the ups and downs, Brown has talked about this team being built for the playoffs. Today he backed that up by saying “maybe I got myself in trouble when I said it, but I’ll say it again, this team is built for the playoffs. We all hope very, very much that we get a chance to prove that.”

As the interview neared its end, Brown reminded us all that LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Michael Jordan did not win their first title until the age of 28. Ben Simmons is just 23, and Joel Embiid is 26.

Take what you want with those facts, but the question still stands, will Brett Brown have been given a “fair shake” if the season officially ends and he never got a chance to coach this roster in the playoffs.