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Eagles legend & NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins joined Marc Farzetta & Bob Cooney on Wednesday morning to discuss a bevy of topics from mental wellness, the Corona virus & the possibility of sports returning & all of the topics relating to the Eagles in this upcoming season.

Brian joined the show on behalf of his next venture in life, the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation focusing on “cerebral wellness”. As Brian said maintaining a cerebral wellness is something that affects every single person. You can find out more on his foundation & actions here

After catching up with Brian about his new direction in life, Marc & Bob then got into the other thing affecting everyone one way or another these days, COVID-19. Marc asked Brian, “what would it take for you as a player to feel comfortable in returning to play football during this pandemic?”…Brian “a cure”. He went on to further explain his answer and the main reason was his family & protecting them. Brian had daughters born prematurely & one has a respiratory problem that he wouldn’t feel comfortable putting her at a higher risk. He said if he did decide to play, he would have to live away from his family & quarantine himself in a hotel type environment.

When asked about playing potentially in a stadium without fans, Brian was asked about what that would be like & how that might affect him & other players.

A player with Dawkins’ energy level & focus it probably wouldn’t be a problem but for other players, it certainly might play a role. Playing in an empty stadium would be a much different environment that would take players an adjustment period. Joe Buck recently said on Sirius XM radio that he expects stadiums & broadcasts to be pumping in fake crowd noise which is something Brian mentioned stadiums doing as well when he was on with Marc & Bob.

Obviously when the Eagles draft a safety from Clemson University, the obvious ties to Brian Dawkins are going to be there & that’s what happened this year when the Eagles selected Clemson S K’Von Wallace in the 4th round. Brian’s son also played at Clemson & was roommates with K’Von for their first two years so Brian got to know K’Von very well.

Brian also was asked about one of the other tweaks to the teams secondary this season & that was the move from Jalen Mills from CB to S. Not an easy move to make per say but certainly one that has been done from time to time in the league & the Eagles are looking for Jalen to handle it seamlessly since he played the position of safety at LSU. Brian thinks Jalen has the DNA to make it happen.

Brian as always is a great listen & an inspiration to many. We’d highly suggest you checking out the podcast which you can find here!