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Sixers General Manager Elton Brand joined Anthony Gargano this afternoon to give an update on all things Sixers as we all wait for the return of the NBA (if that happens). He spoke about the two young stars of the team, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, and gave answers that should build confidence within the Sixers fan base.

If the league does return, the two questions a lot of fans have are whether or not Simmons will be able to play, and if Joel Embiid has maintained playing shape.

Regarding Simmons, Brand said that he “has been doing great.” Without saying it, he hinted that the Sixers have benefited from the time off because Ben has been able to get the proper rehab, and that the team did not need to rush him back. Brand is also confident in Joel Embiid saying that he has been “focused” during this time off. Brand followed that up by saying “it’s going to get to a point that no one is going to bet against Joel Embiid again, he is locked in.”

For now, the team and the rest of the league can only follow the guidelines of the CDC and do whatever they can to remain focused and ready to play. Brand did say that the team is trying to stay connected with weekly meetings on Zoom, and that some veterans have even set up Happy Hours on the app, but Brand has yet to be invited.

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