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Coronavirus Updates

Elisha Nochomovitz is here to remind us that we have no excuse not to stay fit while we self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. The French resident shared that he completed a full marathon – yes, 26.2 miles – on his balcony at home. His balcony is 23 feet long.

He explains to People that the race  included about 3,000 laps on his balcony, and was dedicated to the medical teams out helping during the pandemic. He also added, “My only pleasure is running, no matter what the time.”

Nochomovitz wrote on his Facebook page, “The instructions was to stay home, that’s what I did. Just to show you that we have no excuses, and please think of all those caregivers who are on the front line in the face of this virus.” He completed the marathon in 6 hours and 48 minutes.

Elisha nochomovitz

FINISHER UTMB(Ultra Trail My Balcony) . BALCONMAN : 2 COVID : 19 Je vous jure, s'il faut que je cours 20 marathon pour pulvériser ce -19 alors je le ferais, pas de problème. On va le mettre hors d'état de nuire ! Je viens de parcourir ma plus grande distance en course à pied.