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Baseball season: 162 games of backwards Ks, second-deck dingers, seventh inning stretches, and the ringing of bells (one can hope). It’s a time in the calendar year that kicks off in the early days of spring, makes its way through the hottest days of summer, and if you’re lucky, ends on a crisp October evening.    

While the magic of the game is at a standstill for the foreseeable future, fans are learning to navigate through this new normal. Newfound free time and the need to stay busy seems to be on everyone’s agendas nowadays.

But fans, you’re not alone. 

On Tuesday, Phillies shortstop, Didi Gregorius, donned a different style of gloves and swapped his bat for a tattoo machine. Yes, you read that right. It turns out number 18 is pretty nifty with the needle and ink.  


Don’t be fooled, the piece wasn’t some simple doodle. It looked far more intricate than your average stick figure. The video shows Gregorius locked in and focused, shading away at the bicep in front of him.  

With this new skill shared with the people of the Internet, fans may ditch the request for signed baseballs and hats once the season rolls around. Instead, they may be hoping for a Didi Gregorius original tattoo.  

I know I am.