NASCAR driver Ryan Newman – who was injured in a horrific fiery crash at the Daytona 500 last month – says he is thankful for the “miracle” of surviving with relatively minor injuries.

Newman, 42, said to NBC’s Today, “(It’s) still humbling to watch it and know that I’m sitting here without a headache, which is amazing. Just a miracle on so many levels, and thankful for so many people for prayers, for all the things that went into me being safer in the situation.”

Ryan, who spent two days in the hospital following the crash on the final lap of the race, said he suffered a “bruised brain,” but no broken bones or other injuries.

He added, “The angels aligned and held a really good grip with their hands.”

The Indiana native announced a week after the crash that he plans to return this season to compete for a championship, saying, “We’re working on it. As soon as I possibly can.”