As the Flyers have risen again, so have those snobby Flyers Elitists. The people that feel Flyers fans are not “BIG ENOUGH” Flyers fans to take part of the joy the Flyers have provided. It seems when the Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies are playing well, all are welcome to party together.

However, for some reason, when the Flyers are good, a small but loud minority want to divide the fan base and basically say “seats taken.”

In an effort to pacify those types of fans and help guide the more casual fan to acceptance, people offered suggestions to Farzetta and Tra in the Morning on what you need to be or have done in order to enjoy this Flyers run.

According to callers and tweeters, the ONLY way you will be accepted by Flyers Elitists, is if you…

  1. Watch All 82 Games including the Preseason
  2. Name 5 Flyers Prospects
  3. Played at least 5 years of organized hockey at a mediocre level and often reference it.
  4. You are NOT from Florida
  5. Have a photo of you with a 70’s Flyer on your phone and have it at the ready at all times
  6. Wear a piece of Flyers merchandise everyday
  7. Hate everyone in Philly sports media
  8. By now, be angry at this List
  9. Have a Superstition
  10. Suck at giving Nicknames (Provy? For Provorov? Coots? for Couturier? Come on?
  11. MUST Hate the Sixers
  12. Get mad at people that yell “shoot” on the PP
  13. Request All TVs at the bar have the Flyers on regardless of other sports being active
  14. Own a Minimum 4”8’ pic of Eric Lindros
  15. Own a miniature banner of the either/both of the Teams Stanley Cups
  16. No Stadium will ever be as laud as that “JJ Daigneault Goal”
  17. You were angry at the removal of the Kate Smith statue.
  18. You need a Checklist to invite people to enjoy the Flyers.

If and ONLY if you can check every box, can you enjoy this Flyers run.