The Philadelphia Flyers have 17 games remaining and after two wins over the New York Rangers this past weekend, the team has won 6 straight games overall.  So how does that stack up against the other teams and their chances of making the playoffs?

As of March 2, 2020, The Flyers have a 99.1% chance of making the playoffs and a 12.7% chance of taking home the cup. You can check out all the teams odds here.

Here are the top 5 Eastern Conference standings currently according to Money Puck:

Boston Bruins
Points: 94
Regulation wins: 36
Playoff position: Atlantic 1
Playoff chances: 100%
Tragic number: N/A

Tampa Bay Lightning
Points: 87
Regulation wins: 33
Playoff position: Atlantic 2
Playoff chances: 100%
Tragic number: N/A

Toronto Maple Leafs
Points: 78
Regulation wins: 27
Playoff position: Atlantic 3
Playoff chances: 90.2%
Tragic number: N/A

Washington Capitals
Points: 86
Regulation wins: 30
Playoff position: Metro 1
Playoff chances: 99.7%
Tragic number: N/A

Philadelphia Flyers
Points: 83
Regulation wins: 28
Playoff position: Metro 2
Playoff chances: 99.1%
Tragic number: N/A