Donovan McNabb joined the Farzetta & Tra morning show on Monday at 930 as he has every week throughout this season to talk about the Eagles home playoff loss vs. the Seahawks. The story of the game unfortunately wasn’t about the loss itself but more about the hit on QB Carson Wentz that made him exit the game from DE Jadeveon Clowney & Donovan did not think it was a “dirty hit”.

Donovan’s quote grabbed some attention because a lot of his quotes always do but what Donovan is saying is correct. Should it have been a penalty? Probably but the 15 yard penalty doesn’t change the fact that Carson Wentz got hurt. A penalty doesn’t change the fact that the Eagles lost their star QB. If Carson Wentz got up un-injured from that play, no one talks much about that Clowney hit at all, the injury is what made the hit the story. Hits like that happen all the time in the league, it’s a story because of the hypocritical nature of the NFL “trying to protect QB’s more” & this was a case of a star QB getting knocked out of a playoff game & the refs didn’t throw the flag to protect him. Unfortunately it changed the outcome of the game & became a natural focus for fans & players alike.

That hit changed the entire course of the game & might’ve taken the team some time to adjust before they got back to keeping themselves in the game. But Donovan believes there were a lot of positives to come out of the game & season & mostly he believes Wentz cemented himself as the leader of the team & that locker room.

As we all reflect on the season that was, now that it’s over, this is one of the most positive things all Eagles fans can look too to feel good about entering the 2020 season. Carson Wentz proved his worth in this league & made that locker room forget all about the QB that was here previously, it’s officially HIS team now. There has to be a sense in that locker room now that from what Carson showed you over the final month of the season that with a healthier team, WR corps & offensive line, the Eagles should be serious playoff contenders again next season. Part of the credit goes to Doug Pederson who has done an incredible job keeping this team together during tough times over the last two seasons & has shown an incredible December record over his time as coach & that’s when football matters the most.

Ultimately the season ended in disappointment but there’s reason for optimism heading into next season & let’s hope the team can just STAY HEALTHY!!

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