PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 22: Vinny Curry #75 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts after sacking Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth quarter at Lincoln Financial Field on December 22, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Cowboys 17-9. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

On paper it was a clear mismatch. The Dallas Cowboys were healthier and frankly, more talented than the Eagles. But any given Sunday a team can overcome such things and pull out a victory and that’s exactly what we saw Sunday night. The Eagles pulled out a 17-9 victory over the hated Dallas Cowboys and watched Jerry Jones, Doug Christie, and a bunch of people who have probably never been to Dallas leave the game early. So lets break it down. The Good and the Bad.



  • Carson Wentz: It’s a BADDDD day for the anti-Wentz crowd. Im sure they’ll make some excuse as to why the QB, throwing to extra’s from the television show Friday Night Lights, managed to go 31/40, 319 yards, 1 touchdown and 0 interceptions. For the third week in a row your franchise QB has shown up and managed to win with less than ideal personnel.
  • Greg Ward Jr: He was involved in 16 transactions with the Eagles. SIXTEEN. Many fans were clamoring to see the former Houston QB because the wide receiving core was so bad. And I think hes proven that he can be a serviceable player in this league. In his short amount of time he has proven to be a favorite target of Carson Wentz and Sunday was no different. Ward caught 4 passes for 71 yards including a huge 38 yard reception. The Eagles are going to have to address the wide receiver in the off season but the slot may be filled!
  • Dallas Goedert:

I don’t think Im being out of line by saying Dallas Goedert has been a bit of a disappointment this season. The second year tight end has just not taken the next step like many, including myself, thought he would take. But boy did he step up on Sunday. With Zach Ertz banged up Goedert became a favorite target of Carson Wentz, leading the team with both receptions (9) and yards (91). He had the lone touchdown reception as well.

  • Jim Schwartz: Ok the last drive was a bit hairy, but Jim Schwartz, whos defenses have either been shredded or played big, showed up on Sunday. They kept the crowd into the game with third down stops, something that’s been an issue, and kept the wonder boy Kellen Moore’s offense in check. Im not a big Jim Schwartz guy but I have to give credit to where its due.
  • The Offense: weve mentioned some of the players already but they got the ball first and scored. They got the ball again and scored. For only the fourth time all season the Eagles offense scored on the first two drives of the game and it immediately put Dallas in a 10-0 hole. It was by far the best first quarter the team has had all season.
  • Watching Jerry Jones Leave Early: Ya just LOVE TO SEE IT!
  • Fletcher Cox: The man has one arm and was balling out, forcing the only turnover of the game.
  • Sidney Jones: The greatest second round pick in Eagles history proved why he has EARNED that title AGAIN. (tongue and cheek font…but seriously thanks Sid!)



  • Jake Elliot: Jake was a huge question mark for me heading into this season and he quickly made me look like an idiot (not hard to do) by being Mr. Automatic. The Eagles rewarded him with a nice hefty contract exntesion and I didn’t hear too many Eagles fans complain about it. But since then he was gone 6-10 on field goal attempts including two key misses Sunday. The game really should’ve been 23-9 but Elliot missed both 50+ yarders (usually his specialty is the long ones) and missed them badly. Get it together Jake!
  • Doug Pederson play calling: Its really just one drive. 3rd and 1 you go shotgun. 4th and 1 you go shotgun. What the hell are you doing?!
  • Jason Peters: The future first ballot hall of famer had a few key penalties including a huge block in the back call on a Dallas Goedert screen pass that backed up the Eagles and eventually forced a missed field goal.
  • Jason Garrett Will Probably Be Fired: Clap it up for the man (because hed do the same for you) this will probably be his last season on the Cowboys sideline and as an Eagles fan I just hate to see him go.