The song is “2 Times” by Ann Lee, but to the Philadelphia Flyers it is better known as their victory jam

How did the Flyers discover the tune? Jakub Voracek told NBC Sports Philadelphia:

We caught that song on the bus on the way to the soccer game,” Voracek said. “We went to see the Champions League, they played it on the radio and it had a good beat.

I knew it, I knew it, I heard it, but I hadn’t heard it in a long time and I heard it on the radio and was like, ‘Oh f—, this is sick.’ I got the name of it and we played it after the first win. Everybody was in a good mood so we just stuck with it.

It just reminds us of how good of a bonding time we had, we kind of always remember that stuff. We just stuck to it and play it after every win. It’s kind of a good-mood song.