You know what happened, lets just get into it.



  • Carson Wentz: The criticized QB showed up like many thought he would against the lowly Dolphins, passing for over 300 yards with 3 touchdowns. He was able to scan the field, find open guys, and exploit a bad defense. The haters will say “its just the Dolphins” and they are correct BUT its something that the QB can build on confidence wise.
  • The Defensive Line: They got after QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, sacking the veteran three times. Unfortunately he started getting the ball out quicker, but I thought they stepped up.
  • Alshon Jeffery: He played like the player Eagles fans thought we were getting when the team signed him to a long term contract. He caught 9 catches for 137 yards and a touchdown. It was a nice change of pace for an Eagles wide receiver to catch the ball
  • JJ Arcega-Whiteside: Caught a touchdown pass. Something I did not think he was capable of but I was proven wrong all day so….


  • Jim Schwartz: Jim Schwartz’ game plan was “bro….were playing the freaking Dolphins! We got this”. His defense gave up FIVE. Not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE straight touch downs to the Miami Dolphins. Inexcusible to not show up against a WAY inferior opponent. Im done trying to convince myself that this is a good Eagles team that will clean things up, but under no circumstance should they, or any team for that matter, give up 37 points to THAT team.
  • Doug Pederson: Were you reading your book during that game? The Eagles, for the third week in a row, got burned on a trick play. Instead of calling a time out Doug seemingly said “no way this works.: but then it worked. Late in the first half he allowed the clock to tick down with all three of his time outs. Frankly, Doug Pederson figured this would be a free trip to 80 and sunny and an easy win. And we all did if were being honest, but were all not a head coach in the NFL. He then had the audacity to say after the game “that’s a good football team.” Im not sure who hes trying to convince of that, or who he thinks is buying that, but if he truly believes that he got beat by a “good football team” then he shouldn’t be the head football coach of the Eagles.
  • Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby: Go put bread in a toaster and turn it up as high as the heat allows. Keep it in the toaster for as long as possible. The end result will be Jalen Mills. The cocky corner never once looked back towards the ball. Not once. So when he WASN’T getting torched by Devante Parker, he was getting called for pass interference penalties. Devante Parker ran roughshot all over not just Mills, but Ronald Darby as well. This is hard to fathom if you’re an Eagles fan but Ryan Fitzpatrick was just chucking the ball up and Parker, a wide receiver mind you, was simply going up and making a play.
  • Fox: Those announcers sucked and the production of the game sucked but then again when you have two crappy teams playing each other it’s the broadcast we deserved.
  • The Refs: “There’s a flag on the play.”
  • Zach Ertz: Two HUGE drops in this game. The first one Ertz was simply looking to turn up field and dropped it. It was a play that POSSIBLY would’ve went for touch down, although you never know with Ertz who doesn’t exactly strive for yards after the catch. The very next play Wentz was sacked and then Elliot missed his first field goal of the year. The game turned then. The second drop was in the end zone where Ertz seemed to catch the ball but the defender sneezed and it caused Ertz to drop it. The very next play Wentz was sacked and then they settled for a field goal. Awful
  • The front office. Its 5pm and NO ONE has been fired yet. You just lost to the Dolphins. Someone shouldn’t be flying private back to Philadelphia. Someone, I honestly don’t care who, needs to be scouring spirit airlines for cheap flights. Someone needs to go after that one. Because no one is really getting better. So whether it be the defensive backs coach Cory Undlin, wide receivers coach Carson Walch, running backs coach Duce Staley, the dude who plays Swoop I DON’T CARE. But someone better lose their job.
  • Me: I watched the worst loss I’ve ever seen an Eagles team have and then decided to relive it via a 800 word article on this website. I’m envious of my weird cousin who likes Star Wars and cats and hates sports.