Donovan McNabb joined the Farzetta & Tra Morning show at 9:30am on Monday as he does every week to talk about the victory over the Bears on Sunday before the team heads into the bye week. They’ve now won 2 in a row & have brought their record to 5-4 on the season as the mid-way point has been just been passed.

Sound familiar? Donovan himself tried to rehab & treat his sports hernia (2005 season) that he initially got during training camp & tried managing the pain tolerance & getting through it playing, maybe the Eagles could’ve & should’ve learned a lesson from this one? Donovan later in the season ended up doing just what Desean did on Sunday & ended up tearing the muscle completely off the bone thus ending the season. Rehabbing this injury as a veteran player doesn’t seem to have the best track record with returning to pre-injury form. If both parties (the Eagles & Deseans camp) had the chance to do it over again, both would probably just choose the surgery, which could’ve had a completely healed Desean Jackson returning to the offense right about this point in the season.

Donovan did not buy the rumors (and rightfully so, since he did this interview pre-surgery news breaking) that Desean was out there simply to be a decoy in the game-plan…

He was proven right, Desean actually got hurt…again. It didn’t take much as it appeared on the 2nd or 3rd play of the game Desean was tackled & came up wincing in pain & later leaving the field in the red-zone, you can see him uncomfortable & grabbing his groin & quickly after was taken to the locker room for further evaluation. Clearly he was not in game-shape & with hindsight being 20/20, no one would’ve decided to play Desean on Sunday.

The other problem with all of this is multi-faceted. Alshon Jeffrey has been hurt since Week 2 with a calf injury, Mack Hollins hasn’t had a catch since September 26th & Agholor has reverted back to be non-existent in the offense. They’re essentially playing with no WR’s. It’s become a real problem with the roster construction of the team, if only they had a 2nd round WR rookie that could step into a role with this team. PAGING: JJ Arthega-Whiteside.

The passing on Josh Gordon last Friday on waivers now looks like an even more head-scratching move by the front office not to make. They’re now going to have to go into the free agent market to find some WR’s that can help for the 2nd half of the season. With the bye week right now, fortunately it comes at a great time for someone new to come into the building and can attempt to get caught up to speed before the Patriots come to town in 2 weeks. Jordan Matthews who knows the system & Carson Wentz most people speculate is the safest choice to come in right away & not skip a beat. Some other names you might hear are JJ Nelson, Cameron Meredith, maybe some of the camp bodies from training camp, there’s other names out there but whoever will be coming into the Novacare Complex has likely been on the WR scrap heap for the entire season which should tell you how much to expect from them.

Eagles bye comes at the right time as hopefully some of the players can get healthy. Patriots are next in town two Sunday from now.