Eagles coach Doug Pederson spoke today about DeSean Jackson’s injury status. In the morning he seemed optimistic, however this afternoon he didn’t want to speculate either way.

 “He did feel some discomfort when he was in there,” Pederson said on Monday. “So for precautionary measures, we decided to keep him out and evaluate him. We’re gathering some more information on him. Obviously this is our bye week so we’re gonna get all the information and see where we’re at.”

DeSean Jackson will have surgery Tuesday morning with core muscle specialist Dr. William Meyers, according to NBC Sports Philadelphia. It’s estimated he will be out about 4-6 weeks.

Sources say Jackson met with a specialist Monday afternoon and was told his abdominal muscle is now completely torn off the bone. During Sunday’s game his injury worsened.

Jackson had one catch for 8 yards in Sunday’s game against Chicago. The Eagles are on a bye this week and will play the Patriots in week 11.

Initially, Jackson opted out of surgery as some surgeries are successful, some aren’t, and some players report their injury is worse after surgery.