PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - NOVEMBER 03: Malcolm Jenkins #27 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts after teammate Genard Avery sacked Mitchell Trubisky of the Chicago Bears in the second quarter at Lincoln Financial Field on November 03, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

It was a tale of two halves as the Eagles outlasted the Chicago Bears as they improved to 5-4 with a 22-14 win on Sunday. The Eagles will get some much needed rest as they enter the bye week. For the first half of this game the Eagles were imposing their will on the Bears but they seemed to coast to a victory. Lets break down the good and the bad from Week 9.



  • The 1st half defense: At the end of the first half the Bears offense had an impressive 9 total yards. Mitch Trubisky, the Bears “Franchise” QB had a 1 passing yard. It was honestly amazing how inept the Bears offense was. The Eagles were forcing three and out after three and out and it led to a tired Bears defense on the other side of the ball. Now in the second half the Bears offense woke up a bit, and they definitely made the game interesting late, but it seemed more like the Eagles taking their foot off the gas than the Bears offense suddenly waking up.
  • Zach “YAC” Ertz: I’m not sure what exactly got into Zach Ertz on Sunday but if we could get more of that then that would be greeaatttt. Ertz FINALLY erupted in this game with 9 catches for 103 yards. But it wasn’t just the receptions but also yards after contact. I’ll let that sink in for you. For whatever reason Zach Ertz woke up Sunday and said to himself “I’m not going to just catch that ball and fall down, I’m going to try and get more yards” and boy did he. Way to go Zach! Always knew you had it in you.
  • Andre Dillard: Pour one out for a first ballot Hall of Famer in Jason Peters. Bears All-Pro Khalil Mack was awfully quiet on Sunday and a big reason why was because of rookie Left Tackle Andre Dillard. The future isn’t tomorrow its now, and I honestly don’t know if Jason Peters is ever getting his job back. That “knee injury” might linger for a bit.
  • The Offense Drawing the Bears Defense Off Sides: That one is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Eagles Running Backs: Jordan Howard had 82 yards and a touchdown against his former team. Miles Sanders had 42 yards rushing and another 31 yards receiving and, at times, was one of the best receiving options on the field for Wentz. I can’t help but think the Bears regret giving up on Howard, who turned 25 years old last Saturday, for a 6th round pick. This 1-2 punch for the Eagles has been so crucial and clutch as the wide receiver core continues to….not receive. And speaking of the wide receivers


  • The Wide Recievers: The last time Mack Hollins caught a pass in an NFL game the Phillies were still playing, the Sixers and Flyers hadn’t started up yet, the number one movie in America was Downton Abbey. It was a simpler time in our life, September 26th, The Eagles pulled out a win against Green Bay in Green Bay and much of it had to do with Hollins and his one catch (sarcastic font). But I finally figured it out this week. Mack Hollins job isn’t to catch the ball. It seems like it is, but it’s not. Mack Hollins sole purpose on this team is to be the FIRST guy to congratulate and high five the guy who ACTUALLY made a play in the game. He is flavor Flav….nay he is Fonzworth Bentley…..nay dare I say he is Joe C. He is a hype man. The worst hype man ever but he is ours. Now in all seriousness I’m not sure what exactly is up with Alshon Jeffery but suddenly he can’t catch either. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wide receiver core that looks for a pass interference call more so than actually catching the ball. I honestly don’t know how Carson Wentz does it. And I’ll continue to harp on the fact that your second round draft choice can’t beat out Mack “September 26th Hollins for playing time. It’s not a promising group.
  • Doug Pedersons 2 Minute Offense At The End Of The First Half: Doug Pederson has gotten conservative and at times coaches WAY too safe. He had a chance to realty demoralize the Bears and put them in a 19-0 hole going into half time. Instead he decided to come out, with exactly two minutes left, and do two handoffs with little urgency. A third down throw was unsuccessful and the team punted. But the defense held and was able to get the Birds offense the ball back. With worse field position, and not much time on the clock THAT’S when Doug Pederson decided he was going to go for points. It’s like when someone offers you pie and you at first decline but then they offer it 5 minutes later and you think “who doesn’t love pie? I deserve some pie!”. You never turn down pie (unless its rhubarb) and you never turn down a chance to rip out a team’s heart.
  • Literally Everyone Associated With The Fox Broadcast: Serious question; have you EVER heard anyone say “man I can’t wait for this game! Dick Stockton is calling it!” No? Didn’t think so. Dick Stockton has been doing this for a LONG time. But sometimes you need to retire, and if you’re the Fox bosses sometimes you need to force a retirement. Dick Stockton was out there throwing out guesses to everything from injury speculation to player’s actual names. He didn’t care, because he’s Dick Stockton. He knows they won’t fire him, he will leave on his terms! And that’s the problem with the broadcasting industry. There are far too many old timers that don’t have it anymore but bosses, who get paid a lot of money, refuse to tell them to take their millions and go enjoy Bora Bora. That broadcast was horrible and yet another reason you should tune into the Green Zone with Tyrone Johnson and myself. Also the camera man was brutal too.
  • The Decision To Play DeSean. You could’ve, and eventually did win the game without him. The speedy wide receiver was coming off of a sports hernia injury that wasn’t cured by surgery, but instead rest. It looked like DeSean possibly tweaked the injury early in the game and he didn’t see the field again. The Bye Week will do him some good of course, but did they need him this week? No. So why risk it?
  • Howie: These are the weapons you gave your quarterback? Nelson Agholor is getting paid $9 million dollars. THE ENTIRE SEAHAWKS WIDE RECEIVING CORE IS GETTING PAID $10 MILLION COMBINED. Sorry for the all-caps, had to scream that for the people in the back. For all those who think Alshon is gone next season, hes not going anywhere. You release Alshon and his dead cap alone will cripple you. If you trade him than who do you have? JJ “I can’t beat out anyone for playing time” Arcega-Whiteside? They’re going to need to address this hole YET AGAIN this offseason because the talent evaluators on this team royally messed up.