Sixers fans have a reason to be extra pumped when Ben Simmons hits his first regular season three-pointer. Double Nickel Brewing Co announced they are giving away free beer.

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia, Double Nickel’s Sales Manager, Brian Needham told them:

 “It kind of snowballed, ‘let me see if i can get a little mini fridge and do a spoof of what Bud Light did with the Browns?!’ And then we did.”

Not only is Double Nickel Brewing Co. in Pennsauken, New Jersey participating but one of their partner bars, Keg & Kitchen in Haddon Township is as well.

If you aren’t in the bar when Simmons come through with his first three, Needham said you just have to get there soon after and join the celebration.

The locked mini fridge is stocked with Double Nickel’s Vienna Lager, a Pilsner, Golden Ale, and IPA, and a session. Drafts are also available.