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Yes, the game last night that was played on NBC’s SNF was awful from an Eagles perspective. Nothing went right, on the field or on the sidelines or in the locker room following the game. Sometimes in life & in work, when things go wrong, people start pointing fingers, sometimes at teammates. That might have been what Eagles all-pro RT Lane Johnson did after the game last night.

Lane Johnson had this to say after the game to NBC’s John Clark & Mike Quick about the accountability issues the team will face after a loss like that next week.

This does raise a fair question, should team “laundry” be aired out through the media? Now at the time, certainly Lane thinks this is nothing & an innocent comment about correcting some things he thinks have been going wrong lately but when you pair it with the Josina Anderson leaks from the locker room last week & getting obliterated by a division opponent with the division lead on the line, well people will begin to question if this locker rooms all on the same page. Donovan, when he joined Farzetta & Tra like he does every Monday morning at 9:30 was wondering the same thing.

“Why we going to the media with that?” McNabb asked. “Listen, if you going to have a call-out session, have a call-out session. You ain’t got to put that out in the media about people missing meeting or getting to practice late. Now it’s looking like a dysfunctional organization,” McNabb added. “It looks like … there’s no structure there with Doug. And Doug is the same guy that took you to the Super Bowl … Now there’s going to be a firestorm and he’s got to sit there to answer that.”

That’s twice within a week that a player has aired some laundry out to the press, not typically the best of signs for a team. If Lane is right or not, he likely is because he doesn’t seem like the type to pull that out of thin air, what Donovan raises, all it really does it make the pressure on coach Doug Pederson that much tighter. Doug is the one that meets with the media several times a week, Doug is the face of the franchise more or less when it comes to public comments & now Doug will have to answers about the locker room all week when he’s just trying to get them ready to face the Buffalo Bills.

With hindsight being 20/20, Lane would most likely like to have those comments back because the locker room is likely to be asked about it all week but the fact is, they were made & now people will wonder what is going on inside the Novacare complex. With the Eagles at 3-4 & a really tough part of the schedule still remaining, a lot of eyes & ears will be on this team to see how they handle it & smart money would be on the locker room tightening up as well with their comments to the media.

Donovan will join Farzetta & Tra next Monday morning at 9:30 to discuss the game up in Buffalo, let’s just hope the Eagles are 4-4 after that one.